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Public Works


                      PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT


Public Works Director, 

Michael Faller

DPW Office Location:

    347 Daniel Webster Highway (Route 3 next to Family Dollar)

Mailing Address:

41 Main Street, Meredith, NH 03253

PHONE:     603-279-6352

FAX:            603-279-4656

Office open Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm 

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Public Works Forms and Permit Applications:

DPW Facility Use Permit

Hesky Park Sign Board Lettering Request Form

DPW Disposal Agreement Form

DPW Roadway-Trench Opening Permit 

DPW Driveway Permit Application Form

Application Form for Private Street Sign






NEW 2017-2019 Solid Waste Decals are now available at

Public Works Office-347 Daniel Webster Highway next to  Family Dollar

Town Hall, 41 Main Street

Solid Waste Facility at 16 Jenness Hill Road


Cost is $20 and you need your town vehicle registration or proof of residency





Town of Meredith Solid Waste Facility

2017 Spring Cleanup Fee Schedule

 Meredith and Center Harbor Residents only

will be held on

Friday, May 12th through Sunday, May 14th, 2017

from 8 AM to 3 PM

at the Solid Waste Facility located at 17 Jenness Hill Road in Meredith.



These special prices in effect only during

 three days of spring cleaning-May 12, 13 and 14 of 2016.

After Spring Cleanup Weekend, regular pricing applies.

Must have Valid Permit and residents must bring everything

to the Solid Waste Facility for Spring Cleanup Days. 

Mandatory recycling.


(Hazardous Waste Collection Day is last Saturday of July at DPW Garage)

Year round hazardous waste facility located in Wolfeboro–call 603-569-5826


Chop Saw for Residents-(three cut limit)                                                  No Charge

Construction & Demolition Debris                     $0.08 cents per lb = $160.00 per ton


Mattresses or Box Springs

containing no metal (limit of 2)                   No Charge

containing metal      (limit two)                    $5.00 each

containing metal  (after first two)                  $10.00 each


Leaves & Yard Waste:

Residential (must be hauled in by resident) No Charge


Leaves & Yard Waste: Hauled in by Commercial Hauler:

             Pickup truck (Load is considered level with gunnels) per load $10.00 

                        Pickup w/Box per load                                           $25.00 

                        All other vehicles per load                                      $45.00 


Vehicle Tires 16” or less NO rims (one trip only)    for Free (one time only)

Vehicle Tires 16” or less five or more tires                                $ 1.00 each

Vehicle Tires 16” or less with rims                                             $ 3.00 each

Vehicle Tires 16.5” or larger--NO rims                                        $  5.00 each

All other tires (skidder, loader, heavy construction, etc) no rims       $25.00 each


Propane Tanks    Up to 20 lbs.                 $  5.00 each

                                             Propane Tanks-over 20 lbs.                      $25.00 each

Vehicle Gas Tanks-(only accepted if cut in half)     No Charge


White Goods: Must remove all doors*

Refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers                                                 One for Free

Two or more: refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers                                $20.00 each

All other White Goods (all other household appliances)                          One for Free

Two or more other white goods, household appliances                          $13.00 each

*NOTE: White goods stripped and disassembled will not be accepted

unless certified by a technician that these items are not a hazard to the environment.


Fluorescent Light Bulbs                                                              15 cents per foot

TV Units & Computer Monitors                                                           $15.00 each


Creosote Wood Products:

shall be no more than 5 feet in length. 

We reserve the right to limit quantities or acceptance of these products due to State or Federal Regulation

or due to our loss of disposal options. Check with Attendant first for disposal fees and procedure.



MUST be in a rigid plastic bleach or soap bottle, sealed shut and labeled “NOT FOR RECYCLING”-

Please do not mix with recycleables. Put in your regulat trash.




$20.00 Fee for every boat launch

Residents may purchase a

Sold Waste Decal/Facility Use Permit for $20.00

which allows the resident's vehicle displaying the permit

permanently affixed to the passenger side window

of the resident's vehicle to launch for no cost.













Questions about recycling or disposal:

279-8480 or 279-6352

The Solid Waste Facility is open six days a week 8 am to 3pm


Closed on Holidays




Standard Operating Guidelines for

Winter Maintenance and Snow and Ice Removal
Revision: March 2015
Governing Laws:  RSA 41:11, RSA 47:17, RSA 231:92-a and RSA 507-B, 2b
Approved Date: March 1999; Revised November 2009, March 2015
Next Review Date: March 2018
Policy: It is the intent of the Town of Meredith to provide timely, efficient, and cost-effective winter maintenance, snow removal, and ice control on the roadways of the municipality for the safety and benefit of the town’s residents, businesses and the general motoring public.
Procedure: The objective stated above will be achieved by implementation and execution of the procedures and tasks outlined in the Town of Meredith Winter Operations Snow Removal and Ice Control Procedures.  Due to the many variables that are inherent in New England weather, each storm and/or weather event may require slightly different effort and/or emphasis on any number of maintenance tasks, which together, determine the overall winter maintenance, snow removal or ice control strategy.
Level of Service:  It is not possible to maintain snow and ice free black roads or sidewalks during a storm.  It is the intention of the Town of Meredith to provide practical, safe access to homes, businesses and municipal facilities during winter storms within the confines of budget limitations.
It is our policy to start snow removal operations upon an accumulation of two inches of snowfall.  The Public Works Director or his/her designee (example: Assistant Public Works Director), may, at his/her discretion, based upon weather information reports, elect not to remove snow until there is a greater or lesser accumulation.  Pre-treatment and ice control may be addressed prior to the actual snow beginning, during the actual storms as seen effective, and after the storm.  It should be noted that the salt has a much slower effect on melting snow and ice at temperatures below 25 degrees and may not be applied without additives until it is warmer.  
Command:  Direction of all winter maintenance activities for the Town of Meredith is vested with the Public Works Director or his/her designee (example: Assistant Public Works Director) under the direction of the Town Manager.
Execution:  The policy outlined above is intended to serve as the normal operation procedures for winter maintenance, snow removal and/or ice control for the Town of Meredith.  One or more of the following, which may delay or prevent the implementation of this policy, may affect any part of or all of this policy:
1. Equipment Breakdown
2. Snow Accumulation in excess of 1 inch per hour
3. Traffic congestion
4. Emergencies
5. Illness or Absence of Personnel
6. Budget constraints
7. Extensive operations with an exhausted crew.
Adoption:  The Town of Meredith has adopted these winter operations snow removal and ice control policy effective March 1999 with subsequent approved revisions in November 2009.  All residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the content as it describes the condition that one might expect to encounter before, during and following a winter storm event.
(Includes Paved and Gravel Streets and Highways, Sidewalks, 
Solid Waste Facility and Parking Areas)
Equipment:  The Public Works Highway Division utilizes all the assets needed to address snow emergencies. The town owns six 35,000 gross vehicle weight (GVW) trucks, five 28,000 GVW trucks, and one 54,000 GVW truck, all which have mounted hydraulic powered sanders with wings and front plows.  Several town pickups, backhoes, loaders and pieces of specialty equipment complete the snow and ice fighting force.
Routes: Currently, the town is divided into fifteen plow routes and fifteen treatment routes.  There are a total number of 147.84 road miles in the Town of Meredith.  Town maintained roads are comprised of 93 road miles, which include 32 miles of gravel roads and 61 miles of paved roads.  Town roads not maintained in the winter include Class VI roads and Class V to summer cottage roads for a total of 4.4 miles.  In addition, there are 20.9 miles of private roads that the town does not maintain.  
State roads in the town include 1.24 interstate road miles, 7.72 trunk lines and 19.68 miles of Class 2 roads.
Manpower:  The town has 12 full time and 1 part time highway employees assigned to winter maintenance operations.  In addition, one supervisor and two employees from the Buildings and Grounds division and one employees from the cemetery division are used for snow removal and ice control on sidewalks, parking areas and all town building entrances.
Materials:  The department uses approximately 2,500 tons of salt and 4,000 cubic yards of sand each season.  The sand is used as an abrasive for paved and gravel roads and is applied to improve the public’s motor vehicle traction.  On paved roads, salt is tightly spread at 200 lbs. per lane mile to allow it to create liquid salt brine.  The department employs salt as a de-icing agent.  In the “Low Salt Areas” designated in town, only sand is used and only when necessary and salt is applied only in extreme icing conditions.  Unless weather conditions require a different approach, winter maintenance routes are routinely treated with salt (paved roads) and sand (gravel roads).  When salting paved roads, we typically treat @ 200 lbs per lane mile.  Sand is spread at a higher ratio of 750 to 1,000 lbs per lane mile when needed.  When the salt is applied it creates brine on the road surface that reduces snow compaction on the paved roads.  Applying salt to gravel roads has a negative impact and can create mud.  The road crown and the vehicular traffic further assist with the distribution of the brine.  Salt becomes less effective as the temperature drops.  
The town uses sand during extreme cold temperatures (once it drops below 15-18 degrees Fahrenheit) on all roads.  During extreme cold, the town will only use sand and only where needed.  Our sand is mixed with salt in a ratio of 20/1 (20 parts sand to one part salt).  This helps to prevent the sand from freezing in the spreaders of the trucks and in the sand stock pile.  During extreme sub-zero temperatures even this mixture will freeze.  
Our sand supply is bid out each year.  Following bid requirements and award, the sand is trucked in to our storage facilities throughout the winter season, as needed. Rock salt is purchased through a supplier, as needed, at state bid price, and is trucked in to our storage facilities throughout the winter season by the supplier.   Our building storage facility is capable of storing approximately 500 hundred tons of salt and 1,500 tons of salt/sand mix undercover.  
Communications:  The Public Works Department rolling stock is equipped with two way radios capable of transmitting and receiving on frequency 153.98.  Every employee is assigned a unique radio call number.  Any private contractors working for the town communicate with DPW via their own cell phones.  The Meredith Department of Public Works maintains communications both from the highway garage and from the Meredith Public Works office.  The Public Works Departments, Fire Department and Police Department radios are able to copy each other and communicate with each other.
Schools: The Department of Public Works is NOT responsible for the clearing of snow or for winter maintenance or treatments of the district schools’ access roads and parking lots; this is done by private contract under the administration of the School District.   However, on days when school is in session, our winter maintenance efforts on our town roads must be timed to coincide with bus routing and delivery.  
During a winter snow event, the bus company calls the Public Works Department and asks the Public Works Director or his/her designee (example: Assistant Public Works Director) for information on the road conditions.  We relate information on conditions of our town roads and the bus company then relays that information to the superintendent of schools.  The superintendent of schools then makes the decision whether to close school or to delay opening and for how long a delay.  There are three towns included in the local school district so information must come from all three public works departments as conditions may vary from town to town.
Winter Parking Ban:  The Town of Meredith has an ordinance (Sec 29-73)  that enacts a winter parking ban every year from November 1st to April 1st between the hours of 12 Midnight and 6 AM.  This ban prohibits parking in or on any town road or in any town right of way during those times.  Any vehicle so parked as to obstruct such snow plowing and or snow removal operations may be towed by the Town of Meredith at the expense of the vehicle owner, unless specified exempt by the Town of Meredith Highway Department.  The purpose of this winter parking ban is to allow winter maintenance crews unobstructed snow removal and ice control routes as much as possible and to maintain the maximum effectiveness of their efforts.  The penalty is a fine not to exceed $25.00 for each violation.  
Placing of Snow:  The placing of snow on the road surface of any public roads within the Town of Meredith is prohibited.  Pursuant to Sec 26-3 of the Code of Ordinances, any person who shall place or cause to be placed, any snow or ice, upon the surface of any Class 4 or Class 5 highway or road way of the Town of Meredith, shall be subject to a fine and reimbursement to the town for any expense incurred in the cleanup of said violation.
Plow Route Priorities:  With a total of 93 miles of town roads to remove snow and ice from, and sixteen pieces of equipment to handle this responsibility, the Highway Department needs to assign priorities for winter maintenance route activity in order to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts for the motoring public.  
School bus routes are given the first priority during school days.  Each plow route will ensure that the best possible snow clearance will be completed within one half hour of bus route time.
Second priority is given to the public parking areas:  Town Offices, Town Hall, Library, Police Station and both Fire Stations will be maintained by plowing during winter storms.  The application of slip resistant materials will be applied after the storm as determined by the Public Works Director or his/her designee (example: Assistant Public Works Director).
Solid Waste Transfer Station/Recycling Center:  The transfer station personnel are required to assist with the winter snow removal operations.  If the facility is open to the public during a snow or ice storm, personnel will plow/shovel/snow blow this area prior to opening for public use.  All public areas shall be kept as clear as possible to provide as safe an access is reasonably possible.  Sand and other slip resistant materials shall be used in public areas.  It will often not be possible to maintain clear ground, but a reasonable effort will be made during storms.
Meredith Roads Not Receiving Winter Maintenance:  The Town of Meredith does not maintain a number of roadways as part of its ongoing winter maintenance activities.
The areas NOT maintained by the town include:
Town roads classified as Class VI roads
Private roads
Class V to summer cottage roads
State maintained roads and number routes
Post Storm Operations:  As determined by the Director of Public Works or his/her designee (example: Assistant Public Works Director or foreman), the snow banks resulting from previous storm snow accumulations shall be pushed back, or shelved, using the plow and wings of dump trucks, grader or other suitable equipment to make space for snow removal from future storms. 
Damage to Private Property:  It should be noted that the municipality is not to be held responsible for damage to any private property that is located within the town right of way (ROW).  The ROW is often 50’ wide from the center or the road, but property owners get confused and consider this their own property.  In most cases, the ROW extends ten to twenty feet on either side of the paved or gravel road. Homeowners cultivate extensions of their lawns, place mailboxes, fences or stone walls within this ROW area, which may improve the appearance of their property or the street, but it is obstructive to a good maintenance operation being conducted on the roadway.  
Homeowners should not put bark mulch, crushed rock, stone walls, fences (visible and invisible), irrigation systems, trees, lawns or plantings in the town right of way. The town is not liable for any damage that may occur to property within its right of way.  Many items interfere with heavy equipment and can become a hazard for vehicles and pedestrians.  They often cause drainage failures and thereby road deterioration.
Location of Mailboxes:  Mail and newspaper boxes are allowed at the owner’s risk within the right of way for the purpose of convenience.  The United States Postal Bulletin 22102 states “The Postal Service suggests using a semi-arch or extended arm support which allows snowplows to sweep near or under mailboxes without damaging supports and provides easy access to the mailboxes by the carriers and the customers.”  
The following are suggestions for reducing the possibility of damage and liability:
Mailboxes should, whenever possible, be installed at least three feet from the edge of the pavement or road edge.
Installation should be sufficiently sturdy to withstand the weight of heavy snow resulting from coming off a plow and hitting the mailbox and post during winter maintenance plowing operations.
Sidewalk Snow Removal: Sidewalk snow plowing will be done at the end of the snow or ice storm, within the limitations of manpower, equipment, and storm size.  If there are insufficient personnel available to conduct sidewalk snow removal operations, as well as street and road clearance, the streets and roads will take priority.  The sidewalks will be treated with salt and/or sand as quickly as possible after the storm, as required.  The Town of Meredith has over 5-1/2 miles of sidewalks.  During large snow events it could take more than a day after the storm to open them up for pedestrians.
Snow Pick Up Town Wide:  To facilitate safe sight lines and access to sidewalks, snow pickup operations will occur.  Snow pickup and removal operations are typically scheduled when a snowfall of 12-15 inches of snow has accumulated.  
However, the Public Works Director and/or his designee may decide to hold off on the snow pickup and removal if another storm is due to come in.  Then the total snow accumulation can be picked up with less time and labor involved.  This operation is typically done at night due to high traffic volume during the day.  
It is also much safer for pedestrians and the motoring public as the snow pickup equipment takes up most of the road space during removal operations.  This operation is a lengthy process and does impede traffic flow so we do it only when necessary and when time and weather permit.  
Snow pickup may occur on as needed basis to ensure safe sight lines.  As in all parts of this Guideline, snow pickup is subject to budgetary constraints.
Questions or concerns can be directed to the Public Works Director at 603-279-6352

Town of Meredith Winter Sand Policy

January 22, 2014

The purpose of this policy is to outline the availability of winter sand for Meredith Residents to take for their private residential use and the guidelines for obtaining the sand:


1.       The winter sand is paid for by the Town of Meredith and therefore is available to Town of Meredith Residents only.  The sand is not available to Center Harbor residents (or residents of any other towns).  Center Harbor residents (and residents of any other towns) should contact their town office to find out where they may obtain winter sand in their town.

2.       The intent is to provide residents with winter sand for use at their residence.  Accordingly, this sand is not intended for commercial entities or businesses such as landscapers, snow removal contractors or property maintenance businesses.

3.       There are two locations available for winter sand: the sand box located inside the Meredith Transfer and Recycling Center at 11 Jenness Hill Road in Meredith and at the Meredith Center Fire Station on Meredith Center Road.

4.       Winter sand is available at the Transfer station when it is open-8am to 3pm every day, except Wednesday.

5.       Access to the Meredith Transfer and Recycling Center at Jenness Hill requires a solid waste permit decal, which can be obtained for $20 for a two year permit and is available at the Town Hall (Monday to Friday 8am to 5 pm), Solid Waste Office at the Recycling Center (open 6 days a week 8am to 3pm-closed every Wednesday) or at the Public Works Office (open Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30 pm) located at 347 Daniel Webster Highway (next to Family Dollar).

6.       Winter sand is available at the Meredith Center Fire Station 24 hours a day.

7.       Access to the winter sand stored at the Meredith Center Fire Station is by the walkway to the right of the building.  Entry or parking behind the building is now allowed.  If the town public works crew is in the middle of winter plowing and sanding operations and using this sand pile you may not access the pile for safety reasons while they are there working.

8.       Winter sand can be shoveled into and removed by pails-shoveling into truck beds, sanders or other large containers is not allowed.

9.       Failure to comply with these rules will result in the loss access to the winter sand areas, loss of access to the Transfer station or further warranted action.

10.   Thank you for your help in keeping costs down and controlling this operation so that it works well for all of us.

11.   If you have any questions or concerns please call Michael Faller, Public Works Director at the Public Works Office at 603-279-6352 or e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





(For Residents from Towns of Meredith and Center Harbor Only)

A Mandatory Recycling Facility

17 Jenness Hill Road, Meredith   603-279-8480

Open Daily  8 am to 3 PM - CLOSED Every Wednesday and Holidays

Questions about Recycling or Disposal

call 279-8480 

(or 279-6352 Public Works Office)

A complete set of rules, regulations,list of

 materials accepted for recycling and instructions

for separation are available at the Solid Waste Facility,

Public Works Office and the Town Hall.



Held Annually on last Saturday in July, from 8:30 am to Noon

at Meredith Town Highway Garage

For more information go to the website for the

Lakes Region Planning Commission


 Two Year Solid Waste Decal Permits

for 2015-2017 are available at Public Works Office (next to Family Dollar),

Solid Waste Office and Town Hall

for Town Residents and Residential property owners only.  

(Decal permit purchase requires current registration

of resident's vehicle and $20; 

2nd permit for same household free of charge)  

Old Permits expire May 31, 2017



Chop Saw for Residents-three cut limit - No Charge

Chop Saw for Contractors-or additional resident cuts -  $  5.00

Contractors Permit-valid for seven (7) consecutive days only -   $10.00

Construction & Demolition Debris-      $ .08 per lb = $160/ton

Leaves & Yard Waste:

           Residential (must be hauled in by resident)  No Charge

Leaves & Yard Waste Hauled in by Commercial Hauler:

            Pickup truck (Load is considered level with gunnels)         $10.00 Load

            Pickup w/Box                                                  $25.00 Load

            All other vehicles                                             $45.00 Load


Facility Decal Permit-first permit-resident/taxpayer -         $20.00

Facility Decal Permit-second decal-same household- No Charge

Facility Decal Permit-replacement - each additional decal after first two  $20.00 

Facility Decal Permit-if original decal presented -   No Charge

Replacement Facility Decal Permit-if original not presented  -$20.00

Coupon Booklet (10 coupons) instead of second decal -          No Charge

2 Coupon Booklets (20 coupons) instead of 2 decals  -     $20.00

Coupon booklet (10 coupons)-each additional booklet  -    $20.00

Special One Day Refuse Permit-one time facility use - $2.00/ trip


Mattresses or Box Springs-stripped of metal (limit 2 per trip) - No Charge

Mattresses or Box Springs-   containing metal     -         $10.00 ea


Propane Tanks Up to 20 lbs.   - $  5.00 ea

Propane Tanks-Over 20 lbs -     $25.00 ea

Fluorescent Bulbs   -                 $  0.15/foot

Monitor/TV units    -                   $15.00 ea


Vehicle Tires-16” or less with NO rims  -      $  2.00 ea

Vehicle Tires-16” or less WITH rims  -          $  6.00 ea

Vehicle Tires-16.5” or greater, w/NO rims  -  $10.00 ea

All other Tires: With NO rims-

(skidder, loader, heavy const, etc.)               - $25.00 ea


APPLIANCES-refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers

 (Doors must be removed)   -           $20.00 ea


All other household appliances  - $13.00 ea 

NOTE:   White Goods stripped and disassembled will NOT be accepted unless certified

by a Technician that the items are not hazardous to the environment.


Creosote Wood Products:     shall be no more than 5 feet in length. 


We reserve the right to limit quantities or acceptance of these products

due to State or Federal Regulation or due to our loss of disposal options. 

Check with Solid Waste Attendant for disposal fees and procedure.






The Meredith Public Works Department

consists of

Four Divisions: 


Highway, Solid Waste, Buildings & Grounds and Cemetery.


HIGHWAY DIVISION is responsible for road maintenance, paving, chip seal, drainage, brush cutting, road reconstruction, grading and ditching, catch basins, sweeping, sidewalk maintenance, plowing and sanding, road dust proofing, culvert pipe installation and road and public safety signage. Our mechanics maintain,repair and service all town vehicles in all town departments.  

Our office issues driveway permits, solid waste decal permits, road opening permits, trench permits, handles facility use and Hesky Park sign useage permits and maintains all vehicle maintenance records and compliance for all of our divisions. 603-279-6352. The office is located next to Family Dollar on Route 3. 


SOLID WASTE DIVISION operates a complete recycling center and transfer station for residents of the towns of Meredith and Center Harbor. There is a recycling store where people can bring in good used items that are sold at a nominal cost. We operate a glass crushing machine that was funded in part through a grant from New Hampshire the Beautiful.  The crushed glass is used for road beds, which not only serves to recycle the glass but also saves on gravel costs for the town. The Solid Waste Facility is open every day except Wednesday and holidays from 8 am to 3pm.  603-279-8480  


CEMETERY DIVISION maintains the Meredith Village Cemetery on Route 3 as well as Lang Street cemetery and 89 small outlying cemeteries.Our personnel handle burials, perform year-round maintenance of stones, monuments and grounds, keep all cemetery records and sell cemetery plots.603-279-6352.  

The Oakland cemetery in Meredith Center is NOT a town owned cemetery.  It is privately owned and maintained.  


BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS DIVISION is responsible for all the interior and exterior maintenance of Town buildings and grounds properties, including waterfront parks and docks.  They take care of trash removal, routine maintenance and repairs, emergency repairs, shoveling, mowing, sweeping of town grounds, sidewalks and parking lots, and issue facility use permits for use of town parks and properties for events. 603-279-6352