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 2015 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report 


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We are always on the lookout for water leaks. Water leaks aren’t always obvious. A small pinhole size leak can steal thousands of gallons of water a month from our water system and not produce much more than a trickle above ground. If you see water coming up from the ground in a place you don’t normally see it, or if you notice a puddle in your yard or on your street where it doesn’t normally exist, let us know.  We can come out and perform a few quick tests in the field to determine if it’s ground water or drinking water. Help us keep our system tight and costs down. Thank you!

The Water & Sewer Department currently services 1,367 customers in Meredith; 822 for both water & sewer, 145 for water only, and 400 for sewer only. The local sewer collection system consists of approximately 17 miles of sewer mains and five pumping stations. Over the last ten years, the collection system has been extended significantly. This system is part of a regional sewer system known as the Winnipesaukee River Basin Program. Wastewater collected from Meredith and nine other Lakes Region communities is transported via an interceptor sewer and a series of pumping stations to a treatment plant located in Franklin, NH. Approximately 45% of Meredith's resident population are serviced by the municipal water system. The water supply for this system is Lake Waukewan; the watershed of this 912-acre lake extends into the towns of New Hampton, Center Harbor, Ashland, and Holderness. Treatment of the lake water occurs at a modern filtration plant having a capacity of one million gallons per day. The plant produces approximately 600,000 gallons per day of treated water during the summer peak season. The water is treated to eliminate turbidity, to adjust pH, and to disinfect. The treated water is stored in a 1.5 million gallon water tower, which pressurizes the water distribution system. The system has been extended and improved recently, and now includes approximately 17 miles of water mains.

New construction within 250 feet of the sewer main must hook into the service; an application can be obtained at the Town Hall. Use of the water service is not mandatory, but is available to residences and businesses within the service area; the application can be obtained at Town Hall. Completed applications should be submitted to the Finance Department at Town Hall. Also available at Town Hall is the Annual Water Department Drinking Water Quality Report. This report is based on U.S. EPA consumer confidence regulations.


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