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The Meredith Pathways Committee is an advisory committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The broadly stated purpose of the committee is to develop a pedestrian plan and promote pedestrian activity in the community.  Pedestrian planning in Meredith is for the purpose of enhancing and expanding pathways to link together recreational, civic and community destinations throughout Meredith Village and the community as a whole.


All meetings of the committee are public meetings and subject to the provisions of RSA 91-A. 
The committee typically meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month with additional meetings on an as needed basis.  Contact the Community Development Department (677-4215) for specific meeting dates and times, or visit the meeting calendar.


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Historical Walking Tour       

The Pathways Committee periodically provides guided tours of Meredith's historical village.  The Historical Walking Maps are designed to be a self guided walking tour.  The maps are available at the Historical Society, Town Hall and at various other places around town.


Hawkins Brook Nature Trail

The Hawkins Brook Nature Trail is an accessible pathway, just over half a mile long, that extends along the Hawkins Brook wetland. It will connect from NH Route 25 accross from Meredith Bay to the tennis courts at Prescott Park. The Nature Trail provides outdoor educational opprotunities for the general public as well as the Inter-Lakes School District. 




Click here for meeting minutes of the Village Pathways Committee





Staff Contact Information

Angela LaBrecque, Town Planner 677-4228

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