Waukewan Watershed Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

July 3, 2013

Members Present:                    Staff Present:              Visitors:                      

Bill Corr                                  Angela Labrecque       Dari Sassan, LRPC

Randy Eifert                                                               Dan Callister, LRPC

Carla Horne

John Hodsdon

Duncan McNeish       

Bob Vogler

Stan Wallerstein

Tim Whiting                                                   


  • Approve minutes of June meeting
  • Hazardous Thru-Trucking over Snake River Bridge
  • Stormwater Management Plan Grant – “Soak up the rain” LRPC update
  • Lake signage update
  • Aerial Photos – New Link
  • NH Lakes Conference Report
  • Other Open items/Old Business
  • New Business

Having a quorum at 8:04 am, Chairman Randy Eifert opened the meeting.

The 6/5/2013 WWAC meeting minutes were approved as had been drafted.


Hazardous Thru-Trucking over Snake River Bridge:

  • The second week of traffic monitoring was Friday 6/7 to Monday AM 6/17. From 6/10/13 at 1:00pm through 6/17 at 7:00am, the mechanical counter recorded:
         934 Motorcycles
         3874 Cars
         1487 Pickups/Vans
         36 Buses
         135 trucks with 2 axles & 6 tires
         81 Trucks with 3 or more axles
  • Tim Whiting, Tony Sabutis, Duncan McNeish, Ann Sayers and Bob Vogler volunteered each spending two hours or more during this week, recording the types of traffic on Waukewan Road. Their collective report is:
         28 Motorcycles
         341 Cars/SUVs
         211 Pickup trucks/Vans (4 wheel)
         41 Buses/Trucks with >4 tires
         0 Trucks with 3 or more axles
         0 Vehicles carrying hazardous materials
  • Action Item: Bob Vogler – Coordinate the volunteer monitoring during period #3 (July 8 to July 15) to insure no two volunteers cover the same time period. Focus for the personal monitoring will be on trucks and best effort to guesstimate the cargo of the trucks. Particularly documenting hazardous material cargo.

Stormwater Management Plan Grant – “Soak up the rain” LRPC update:

  • Dari Sassan reported that he has about 4 property leads so far. Looking for more.
  • Dari requested 2 or 3 WWAC members be on the committee to select the property candidates. Duncan McNeish, Stan Wallerstein and Bob Vogler volunteered to be on the committee.


Lake Signage:

  • Tim Whiting reported that he hopes to put up signs at the Winona Forest Beach and Waukewan Association Beach.
  • It was agreed that any future signs will only be placed at beach/waterfront locations.
  • Bob Vogler reported that he had received permission from the Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission to adapt and reprint the 11” x17” two page Do’s & Don’ts on protecting the watershed. Bob also reported that he is in the process of retyping the entire piece replacing the many references to Maine and adapting it for NH..

Aerial Photos:

  • Town Manager, Phil Warren, has been asked to permit these aerial photos to be available on the Meredith website. Each photo has "AerialPhotoNH.com" on them and the town has a policy of not having any sort of advertising on its website.
  • Action Item: Carla Horne – Ask for waiver approval to put these photos up on the Meredith website.

NH Lakes Conference:

  • No members attended thus no report.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:25 am.

Minutes submitted by Bob Vogler.


Next Meeting:            Wednesday 8/7/13 at 8:00 AM in the Town Hall Annex.


These minutes were approved as had been drafted at the 8/7/13 WWAC meeting.