Waukewan Watershed Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2013


Members Present:               Staff Present:                Visitors:                      

Bill Corr                                  Angela Labrecque       Dari Sassan, LRPC

Randy Eifert                           John Edgar

Carla Horne

John Hodsdon

Duncan McNeish       

Bob Vogler

Tim Whiting                                                   


  • Approve minutes of April meeting
  • Hazardous Thru-Trucking over Snake River Bridge
  • New Hampton Outreach
  • Stormwater Management Plan Grant – “Soak up the rain” LRPC update
  • Lake signage update
  • Aerial Photos – New Link
  • NH Lakes Conference Attendees
  • Other Open items/Old Business
  • New Business

Note: There was no official WWAC meeting on 5/8/13 because a quorum was not achieved.

Having a quorum at 8:01 am, Chairman Randy Eifert opened the meeting.

The 4/3/2013 WWAC meeting minutes were approved as had been drafted and updated.


Hazardous Thru-Trucking over Snake River Bridge:

  • The first of three weeks of traffic counting was completed the period of 5/16 to 5/23. This establishes a non-summer basis count. A detailed report from Daniel Callister, LRPC was handed out.
  • The second week of traffic monitoring will start for motorcycle week from Friday 6/7 to Monday AM 6/17.
  • Action Item: Bob Vogler – Coordinate the volunteer monitoring during this period to insure no two volunteers cover the same time period. Focus for the personal monitoring will be on trucks and best effort to guesstimate the cargo of the trucks. Particularly documenting hazardous material cargo.

New Hampton Outreach:

  • Bill Corr reported that he had spoken to Barbara Lucas re: an update of the WWAC achievements and Septic System regulation. He reported that he would be welcome to speak to the Town Management as a resident of New Hampton, but did not want the WWAC to make a presentation to them at this time.
  • It was agreed to put this topic on the back burner until more experience re: the septic system regulation has been learned.

Stormwater Management Plan Grant – “Soak up the rain” LRPC update:

  • Dari Sassan reported that they are looking for more property candidates for this program. He encouraged WWAC members to suggest property candidates. A one page brochure on this program was handed out to several WWAC members to use to discuss with their neighbors.


Lake Signage:

  • Tim Whiting reported that 7 signs have been placed. 2 at the town beach, 1 at Pollard Shores, 1 at the Boat Ramp, 2 on Beth Lane (these two were removed later by vandals), 1 at Bonney Shores/Sawmill Road.
  • A few more signs are planned to be put up.
  • Bob Vogler presented a copy of an existing brochure titled “For Waukewan’s Sake” suggesting that this would be the basis for an excellent brochure to supplement the signage. It was thought and later confirmed that the Waukewan Shoreowners Association had adapted and reprinted it around 1997. The original was from the Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission.
  • Action Item: Bob Vogler – Contact the Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission for permission to adapt and reprint and request if an original copy might be available.

Aerial Photos:

  • Town Manager, Phil Warren, has been asked to permit these aerial photos to be available on the Meredith website. Each photo has "AerialPhotoNH.com" on them and the town has a policy of not having any sort of advertising on its website.
  • No update from Phil Warren for special permission for these photos has been received yet.

NH Lakes Conference:

  • The conference is on June 21st in Concord. Any WWAC member who may want to attend should contact Angela Labrecque. Attendance may be limited for cost reasons.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am.

Minutes submitted by Bob Vogler.


Next Meeting:            Wednesday 7/3/13 at 8:00 AM in the Town Hall Annex.

These minutes were approved as drafted at the 7/3/2013 WWAC meeting.