Meredith Pathways Committee Meeting

June 11, 2013

Town Hall Annex


Attending: Liz Lapham-Chairperson, Andy Bourn, Janis Roberts, Sandy Sabutis, John Edgar, Andrea LaBrecque, Chris Schwidder and guest Ann Schultz

Meeting called to order by Liz Lapham at 9am..

Minutes of May, 8 2013 meeting were approved.


Hawkins Brook Report

Liz and Angela made a presentation to the Board of Selectmen on the proposed Hawkins Brook project.  The presentation was very well received with many favorable comments and suggestions given. Peter Brothers has accepted an offer to be the liaison with the Pathways Committee. 

The committee reviewed the Eco Trail plan that was originally established at the beginning of the project. Any revisions or changes should be provided to John who will update the plan.  

Janis has been in contact with Louise Moscadini regarding an easement located, within the building setback, across the Mascadini's property for segment #2. Further discussion is planned when Louise and her sister return this summer.  Janis will establish contact and set up a meeting.  Liz or Janice will also contact Dennis Bolanger for assistance.

John has been in contact with John Hueber from Cross Point.  He will update him on the successful meeting with the Selectmen and will arrange a meeting  when he is here later this month. 

It was suggested that we also contact other major organization in Meredith, such as the Rotary and Greater Meredith, and make similar presentations to these groups.  Angela will up date the power point presentation so as to be appropriate for civic organizations.

Angela has been in contact with the National Park Services, Rivers, Trail, and Conservation.  They have offered assistance and services in for the project.

Eileen Harris is interested in joining the Pathways Committee and knows of a professional grant writer and will contact to see if we could get assistance. 

Chris will contact Jan Hooper, 253-7067, formally of Gunstock, for further information regarding possible grants for the project, helpful information, and resources that might be available. 

John's office will contact our US Senators and Representatives to see if they are aware of any Handicap assistance that might be available.

Angela with contact the Meredith Village Savings Bank to see if they have the wetland maps, studies, reports,  and related information that would provide us additional information. Also we will check with Cross Point to see if they have current wetlands maps. 

Next step would be to get engineer to survey the area.  Liz will get in touch with some local agencies to see if they could provide assistance.  She will also contact Chris Williams.  Andy will contact Eric Buck also to see what he might be able to provide.

John provided the committee with the name of New Hampshire Eco Trail Builders "Solid Earth" Technologies that builds boardwalks on wetlands.  This company would be an excellent source for planning and designing of the project.

At this time, the committee's main focus will be on segment #1 (plan, design, quotes, funding) with the entire project concept of the "big picture" and the ultimate goal.


Historic Walking Tour Maps/Pathway Maps

We will reprint 2000 Historic Walking Tours Maps.  Mill Falls, DAK, and Meredith Savings Banks have agreed to be sponsors again.  The Rotary has also been asked and will let us know this week.  The cost of the reprinting will be $1237 (.62 per copy).   A motion was made and approved to have True Colors reprint 2000 maps.  The Pathways Committee will contribute $237 toward the total cost of the printing.  John suggest that once we get the maps that publicity be sent out regarding the 2nd printing back by popular demand of the "widely popular" Historic Walking Tour Map, where they can be found and the promoting the sponsors that helped make it possible. 

There will be no historic tour on June 27th.  

Sandy has  distributed the Pathways map to ConCom kiosks.  There was discussion about posting a map at Hesky Park.  We will check into getting one laminated.  Angela will talk with IT about getting a barcode to place on the map so people can use their smartphone to view he maps.


Liz will explore ordering  additional Pathway tee shirts from National Sports Wear in medium and large .

Liz will scan news articles and sent to committee.

Next meet will be on July 10th. at 9am.  Everyone will review their historic Meredith material/ notes and send to Angela.  She will compile the information and have available at the meeting. We will provide new members copies and set dates for a training session.   We will also look at wetlands maps obtain and discuss our next steps.

Adjourned 10:25 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Schwidder