Meredith Conservation Commission

                                                     Minutes of Meeting

       October 3, 2013



In attendance: Mark Billings, Bob Davis, Ralph isapia, Bob LeCount, John Sherman, Jacquie Coburn, Don MacFarlane, Tony Sabutis, Paul Dillon and Mary Kahn


Meeting called to order by Mark Billings at 7 p.m.  Motion was made for approval of Minutes from previous meeting by Ralph Pisapia; Bob Davis seconded. Minutes were approved as submitted.


Dredge & Fill Report:  No report


Treasurer’s Report:  Ralph indicated that little had been spent and that $1513 is left in the annual appropriation.  Brenda needs budget requests in by October 15th.  MCC will ask for $1515.

Two new bills were presented – Don MacFarlane submitted one for $112.45 to cover paint, brushes and other blazing supplies.  Second totaled $231 for the Take A Hike ad in The Sun.  Bob D. moved to approved the expenditures and Don M. seconded.


Question arose about grant money available for Invasive Knot Weed removal.  Doug Cygan at the Dept. Of Agriculture should know.


Trail Maintenance Report: Both Hamlin and the Community Forest are good for blazing and brushing reported Don M.  A winter project was suggested for Page that would provide signage on the west side.  John Sherman brought out a map with suggested names and distances for trails.  Meet up for bog walk and trails, dependant upon weather, is Tuesday, October 8th at 9 a.m.

Don brought up the Shoreland Protection Act changes which he had emailed the commission.  Mark stated that if we accept the state regulations, we accept all.  If we accept an ordinance, then we only accept that aspect. 

Jacquie Colburn offered to send everyone the link to DES.


Monitoring Report:  No painting of bounds is needed as every single bound has been painted in the past 3 years said John S.  Only a few sites required assignments, such as Sherman easement and Snake River to Ralph P., Smyth and Kahn to Paul Dillon.


The question was raised to Mark: do we have a copy on file on the Snake River easement?  No we do not and we also need a map of the area.


Mary thanked Don M. and Terry Lance for the September hike in Leighton and Dockham.


Old Business:  Bob D. attended the NNE Planners Conference for the 5 towns in the Belknap County Conservation District.  There was discussion trying to get towns talking to each other about conservation issues.


Mary attended a forum that was hosted by the New Hampton School to present SPNF, AMC and a northern NH realtor along with Jeanie Forrester on the issue of Northern Pass.  A discussion followed with no conclusion reached.


Reminder: Rick Van de Pohl giving a Mushroom Talk on October 12th in the MCF.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 7th, 7 pm,

Meredith Community Center, Room C



At 8:30 pm, Don M. moved to adjourn the meeting and Bob D. seconded.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Kahn for Secretary, Paula Wanzer