Energy Committee

August 8, 2013


Members Present

Ken Colburn              Bill Bayard                 Chris Wald                 Brian Davis

Mark Billings              Reed Leberman

Members Absent

Lou Kahn

Staff Present

John Edgar                 Angela LaBrecque


Malik Haig                  Rick Demark              Mike Faller

  • Motion to approve the minutes from June 13, 2013 as amended by Mark, seconded by Reed. Voted unanimously.

The balance of the meeting was spent discussing the issue of a new Dept. of Public Works garage for the Town of Meredith. Mike Faller, the town’s Director of Public Works. This potential project is very early in its development and the purpose of the discussion was to put all the potential energy issues on the table for discussion.

Mike Faller briefed the committee on what steps have been taken so far, as well as what issues are known at this time. The first known is the physical location of the potential new garage building, which will be at the same site as the existing garage on Jenness Hill Rd. The second known is that the land area for the facility will remain the same as the existing site. Mike told the committee that he and the steering committee have visited a number of newer facilities around the state and gathered input from those visits.

While no decisions have been made as to the size of the building, Mike implied that the footprint for the new building will be somewhat larger then the existing building and could have a mezzanine level for offices and other space.

The remainder of the discussion focused on energy related issues concerning the building. The decisions on these issues are wide open, although there has been a stated desire to go with a radiant heating system for the main level of the building. The committee discussed the potential use of solar PV on the roof of the building to offset the electrical use of the building. On the subject of HVAC, the discussion ranged from traditional fossil fuels, to biomass, to geothermal, with all options still open to further discussion.

There are a number of “soft costs” issues that need to be completed before many of the decisions can be made. It is anticipated that much of that work will be completed in 2014 and should the project move forward, it would probably be in 2015.

  • Motion to adjourn by Mark, seconded by Reed. Voted unanimously

The meeting ended at 8:55 PM

The next meeting is scheduled for Sept 12, 2013