Stewardship Plan for Page Pond

This Stewardship Plan for the Page Pond & Forest Property is submitted on behalf of the Meredith Conservation Commission (MCC) and the town of Meredith. The 565.5+/- acre Page Pond & Forest Property (hereinafter “the Property”) in Meredith, New Hampshire has been managed as timberland for over a hundred years. The Town of Meredith will manage the Property for wildlife habitat, sustainable timber management, watershed protection, and low impact public recreation. Permanent conservation of the Property achieves multiple community benefits, including protecting critical wildlife habitat, prime wetlands and water quality, providing recreational and educational resources, protecting historical and culturally significant aspects of Meredith’s past, preserving a working landscape, and helping to protect a completely undeveloped 19-acre Great Pond (Page Pond).

In its entirety, the Property represents nearly one half of the largest unfragmented block of land in the eastern half of Meredith. The 1400+ acre unfragmented block is surrounded by high-density development along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, and therefore has extremely high development potential. The Property, less than ½ mile from Lake Winnipesaukee, sits at the very core of this unfragmented land, and has been largely undisturbed since the days of previous pasturage over 140 years ago.

Page Pond Stewardship Plan

Page Pond Wildlife Habitat Map

Page Pond Area Map

Page Pond Lacnd Cover Map

Page Pond Habitat Quality

Page Pond Aquatic Resources

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