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Working Together
Although a great deal of time and effort went into establishing operational policies and procedures, we fully anticipate the need to make adjustments and modifications to our procedures and schedules now that the facility is open. We encourage involvement, input, and suggestions from members of the community and the many user groups who will enjoy the use of the Community Center. We ask for the community’s patience, understanding, and assistance to make the transition into our new facility as smooth and efficient as possible. 

What will the hours of operation be at the Community Center?
The Community Center is open from 8AM-8PM Monday through Friday and from 9AM-1PM on Saturdays. 

Who can use the Community Center?
Registrations for activities conducted at the Community Center follow the existing Parks and Recreation Department procedure, which allows anyone to be eligible to register. Non-residents are assessed a slightly greater registration fee than residents of Meredith. Residents of Meredith receive priority if a program receives more registrations than it can accommodate. People of all ages are encouraged to register for activities at the Community Center. As always students from Center Harbor and Sandwich are welcome and are encouraged to participate at the Community Center. 

Is there a membership fee to use the Community Center?
There is no membership fee to use the Community Center, however some, but not all individual programs require a registration fee. 

What type of rooms and spaces does the Community Center provide?
Activity Center (100’ x 60’)
Multi Purpose Floor
1 Main Basketball Court
2 Side Basketball Courts
All hoops are height adjustable fiberglass backboards 
1 Tennis Court 
1 Main Volleyball Court 
2 Side Volleyball Courts 
3 Badminton Courts 
Divider to separate the Activity Center into two spaces
2 scoreboards 
2 bleachers
Sound system 
24’ High x 20’ Wide Climbing Wall

Game Room
Air Hockey 
Table Board Games 
Eye Toy Games
Comfortable Seating, Couch, and Tables 
Entertainment Center

The Meredith Community Center also features the following spaces:
an arts and crafts room, a large meeting room which can be divided into 3 sections, outdoor patio space off of the meeting rooms, a full kitchen, a reception area for registering for programs and obtaining information, Parks and Recreation Department office space, Meredith Senior Services office, and Meredith Senior meals program.

What types of activities are offered at the Community Center?
All of the existing programs being offered by the Parks and Recreation Department will be dramatically improved by the Community Center. New programs will include: After School Program, Full Day Camp, Sports Clinics, Climbing Wall Instruction, Floor Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Many Types of Instructional Classes, Computer Instruction, Open Drop in Times, and more!

We encourage anyone with program ideas to share them with us! We are always looking for input from students and people of all ages to make the Community Center a safe and fun place to be, filled with great activities. We will strive toward creating an atmosphere making the Community Center a place where people feel comfortable and want to visit often.

Drop In Schedule *Please see the Parks & Recreation page for a schedule of times* 
The Meredith Parks and Recreation Department is offering drop in times for both the Activity Center and the Game Room, where people of all ages can enjoy the Community Center and choose some of their own activities. All drops in times will be free. All drop in participants must sign in at the front desk.

Who is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Community Center?
The Community Center will be operated and maintained by the Meredith Parks and Recreation Department. For more information please call the Community Center at 279-8197.

How does my group request the use of the Meredith Community Center?
Any group or individual requesting the use of the Meredith Community Center is asked to complete a Community Center Use Permit. The Parks and Recreation Department will make every effort to return your request within four business days.

Are user groups required to pay for the use of the Community Center?
The Board of Selectmen has established priorities for the scheduling of the Community Center and has created seven categories of user groups. Rental fees and priority of scheduling have been assigned to the seven user groups as shown in the following list and chart;

The Meredith Community Center will be made available for group usage according to the following priority.
1. Town of Meredith Sponsored Activities
2. Meredith Non-Profit Agency 
3. Private Meredith Resident 
4. Meredith For Profit Agency 
5. State of NH/Federal Agencies 
6. Non-Meredith Non–Profit Agency 
7. Private Non-Meredith Resident